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Our mission is to help you! We aim to provide you with an online defensive driving course that is not only helpful and effective in reducing collisions but is also cheap, easy to read, and simple to use! It is designed for everyone, even people who are not good with computers. We want to make sure you keep your driving record clean!

We have been involved in the traffic school industry for many years and have expanded nationally. Thousands of students have successfully completed our online traffic school courses and kept points off their driving records and maintained low insurance rates.

We understand that people have busy lives and don’t want to spend an entire Saturday or Sunday in traffic school. A lot of people could not schedule a class on time and were not able to meet their traffic school due date. So we designed an online option to make it easy! From the beginning, our goal was to accommodate everyone who wanted to take traffic school. We kept those people who are not comfortable working with computers and non-computer savvy individuals in mind when designing our course. Our online traffic school course is extremely easy to use, simple to read, and, most importantly, cheap!

We take pride in providing superior customer service, and we are here to help with any questions relating to traffic school, traffic ticket, or any technical questions. Our knowledgeable traffic school specialists are ready to help you take care of your traffic ticket!

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